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Discover how you can manage, create and collaborate a lot faster and easier with Cube's creative production platform. Just like other agencies, studios and brands for the past 10+ years.

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Don't waste your time switching between software or working with solutions that aren’t built for creative production workflows. Cube brings the tools and services teams need to whip their media production into shape. Brought to you by creative production studio Ambassadors.

Your team’s media command center

Network servers/Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive aren’t always right for organizing, viewing and searching large amounts of high-res media files and related project information.

Bring your assets, metadata and usage licensing information together in a central library. A place where everyone can find what they need when they need it.

Popular features

Projects • Metadata • Tags • Usage rights management & alerts

Kim Buijs

Our producers can store, share and export videos themselves without needing help from the editors.

Kim BuijsVodafoneZiggoHead of Production

Create hundreds of video ads within minutes

Don’t let your ability to scale video ad production be a marketing or creative bottleneck.

Instead, generate all the video versions you need from a reusable video template. This allows you to create hundreds of on-brand ads for various channels, segments and markets within minutes.

Popular features

Custom-built video templates • AI-powered voice-overs • Creative and production services

Carine van der Heijden

Cube coming from Ambassadors as a production house means it’s not a tool that has been built purely to gain efficiency, but it's actually bringing two worlds together.

It's quality first and then scalability. And that’s what makes the difference.

Carine van der HeijdenBooking.comHead of Brand Marketing

Smooth sailing for every production

Projects can only run smoothly when team members and stakeholders are in sync.

Bring everyone and everything together with simple yet powerful tools to share, review and request files. All in one place so you’re wasting less time jumping between different systems.

Popular features

Share links • Review links • File requests • Project templates

Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas

We want to focus on improving things creatively – not necessarily the way we share, review or deliver. Cube helps us keep that process as simple as possible.

Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas180Post-Production Supervisor

Get ready for prime time

Don't fall at the last hurdle.

Export your video ads from a single source to a variety of ad platforms and media channels – each video is automatically quality-checked and formatted for each destination* for a hassle-free delivery every time.

*We currently support ad platforms in the Netherlands, as well as YouTube and Meta Ads Manager for Facebook and Instagram. More integrations to come.

It's time to level up your production

We really think Cube can transform your creative production. Let us help you explore how.