Customer Story

180 streamlines video production with Cube

With media files, project information and usage rights in one system, 180’s growing in-house production unit can find, manage and deliver projects quickly and efficiently.


180 is a full-service creative agency operating as a unique global ecosystem with 300 employees across major hubs in Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles. Since 1998, they’ve been the minds behind some of the most recognized campaigns for both local and international brands.


With more and more clients and projects coming in, 180 had to look for ways to improve production efficiency. 180 realized that their workflow, as well as the company server and the various file transfer tools they had relied on, weren’t scalable – a situation that was exacerbated by the entire agency working remotely during the COVID-19 lockdowns. To keep its production unit running at full speed, they needed a better way to share and centralize their files and data.

In the past, our clients would have to download files before they could even look at them. That can get very time consuming for quick checks and final OKs.

Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas
Post-Production Supervisor


Why Cube

180’s choice for Cube as their main tool for daily work was simple: the platform was designed for remote video production workflows like theirs. So even when everyone had to work from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was easy to get started with a setup tailored to their needs.

How it works

As before, the production team stores their documents, offline and online edits, and final deliverables in project folders. But instead of having them on the company server, they upload the files to their Cube workspace in the cloud. This allows for access anytime and anywhere, directly from the browser.

From here, producers can easily share new work with clients for review. Anyone can now view large media files on their computer or phone without downloading them. This way clients can give immediate feedback, either by drawing and commenting on the files, or by email and chat.

Besides this, Cube allows the team to keep important project information together with the files they’re about. Using tags and metadata, the team can easily browse and search their growing project archive. And thanks to built-in alerts, they know when buyouts and usage licenses expire without having to track them manually.

As an added bonus, 180 can also export video ads to TV and online ad platforms in the Netherlands, rounding out the production workflow from start to finish.

We want to focus on improving things creatively – not the way we share, review or deliver. Cube helps us keep that process as simple as possible.

Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas
Post-Production Supervisor


With Cube’s Creative Workflow, 180 has made production faster in a way that grows with the company. It’s about building a system centered around the future of production, working to create the world as it could be rather than settling for the world as it is.

On a daily basis, projects run smoothly. Teams and stakeholders can communicate better and faster. Everyone can quickly find what they need without having to ask around, no matter where and when they’re working.

In the long run, 180 builds a project library that will serve as a source of truth for the organization. With all deliverables, metadata, and usage license information in one place, this is a system they can rely on for years to come, even as teams change.

With this, 180 can focus on what matters most: developing and delivering fast, high-quality content for its clients.

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