Customer Story

Persuade delivers at their best with Cube

At creative agency Persuade, Cube has helped make sharing and delivering large creative files faster and easier.


Persuade is a full-service creative agency located in Den Bosch, Netherlands, and has been the driving force behind many well-known national ad campaigns for Dutch household brands.


As campaign productions get bigger and more complex, Persuade wanted to improve how they manage, share and deliver creative work — in an effort to continue to provide high-quality service to their brand clients.


Why Cube

Cube came into the picture quickly at Persuade largely because of producer Moniek van de Rijt’s recommendation. Having been a happy Cube user for several years at her previous agencies, she knew exactly how Cube could help her current one.

I’ve always been satisfied using Cube. The product, the service support team — it’s clear that you’re experts in this field.

Moniek van de Rijt

How they work with Cube

Cube offers Persuade an online workspace for their creative files, all organised into campaign-specific project folders. From work-in-progress edits to final deliverables, producers now know where each file is without digging through old links and archive servers.

Having everything in one place also makes sharing those large files externally a breeze. Clients and collaborators can now view large creative files such as videos and photos in the browser instantly, without having to download anything.

Everything’s within reach with Cube. Need to share a video? It just takes three clicks to get that done.

Moniek van de Rijt

Cube also helps Persuade make TV ad deliveries to broadcasters in the Netherlands smoother. Cube checks whether a file complies with the specifications set by the broadcaster before delivery — and if it doesn’t, Cube provides a detailed report on what needs to be amended. Combined with the Cube support team on standby, producers can now confidently get to troubleshooting immediately instead of the back and forth between different parties.


With Cube, sharing, managing and delivering client files has become easier and faster for Persuade.

Producers have the files they need at their fingertips; they can do some of the more technical tasks themselves without relying on editors or external parties; and they’re in control throughout the process, from start to delivery.

Cube gives us the control and overview we need as producers. I know, speed and ease of use may not sound sexy… but it’s really worth so much.

Moniek van de Rijt

The result? They can get more things done in less time with greater peace of mind, so that they can focus on delivering the quality their clients have come to expect.

Save time, budget and creative headspace

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