Creative Automation

Produce content at scale

Cube Creative Automation empowers teams to generate branded video and digital content at scale.

So many touchpoints, so much content. Today's marketing demands high volumes of video and digital content — more than anyone can keep up with manually. Cube Creative Automation's dynamic templating system helps your brand produce quality video and image content that's always on-brand — in just a couple of clicks.

Dynamic templates

First, we'll turn a creative concept — either developed by the Ambassadors creative team or another partner — into a dynamic template within our creative automation platform Cube Compose.

Always on-brand

We’ll implement brand guidelines into the template, so markets and regions can then easily adapt text, graphics, visuals, languages, music and animation to suit their purpose, without having to worry if it’s breaking any brand rules.

Agile, in-house control

This template will be ownable by in-house and agency marketing and communications teams, who are empowered to generate endless customized, high-quality video and image assets at scale, in a matter of minutes. We’ll be on board to guide the process throughout, all the way through to delivery across all your platforms and markets.

We've been localizing all our assets via Cube Compose for years now. It's offering us a way to scale content across countries without sacrificing quality.

Carine van der Heijden, Head of Brand Marketng

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