Creative Automation

Scale creative work, quickly and easily

Generate 1000s of versions to meet growing digital demands. Adapt creative assets for different languages, audiences and platforms — without the manual work.

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Save time, money and resources by automating the production of creative assets at scale.

Localization made easy

Localization made easy

Adapt any element of your campaign including visuals, language, audio and more to suit the specific and changing needs of your audience.

  • Easily swap out text, images and audio
  • Crop, position and resize per format
Brand consistent every time

Brand consistent every time

Maintain creative quality and ensure your campaign is delivered as intended across all touchpoints, markets and formats.

  • Deliver consistently across all channels
  • Ensure local teams are always on brand
Endless creative possibilities

Endless creative possibilities

Generate an infinite number of creative variations with custom templates, tailor-made to deliver on your current and future needs.

  • Use dynamic elements to create versions quickly
  • Produce as many versions as you need

Looking to save time, money and creative headspace?

See first-hand how Cube can help streamline and scale creative work so you can focus on getting ideas off the ground and in front of the right people.