Digital Asset Management

Your media command center

Cube's Digital Asset Management tools help video and media production teams store, organize and manage their files, ready when they need them.

With so many media files and data to juggle across projects and stakeholders, it's tough to stay on top of it all. Our Digital Asset Management system provides one place for your team to organize and manage assets.

Your team archive

Arrange your files however works best for your team. With projects, folders, tags and more, your team will find the assets they need in an instant.


Keep additional metadata such as production credits and registration numbers right next to the files.

Usage rights & expiration alerts

Store information about your licensed usage rights next to the files they're about, and be notified when those contracts are about to expire.

All in your browser

Play high-quality previews for video, audio, image and document files straight from the browser.

Easy file sharing

Share your files with internal and external stakeholders. Or request files from them just as easily.

Cube helps us run our internal studio: our producers can store, share and export videos themselves without needing help from the editors.

Kim Buijs, Lead Producer


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