Cube turns 10

It's our tenth birthday! This is our story.

August 2010

At Ambassadors, Diederik comes up with the idea for a TV ad archiving tool

October 2010

Client Portal is live! What we thought would take two months is the start of a long journey

June 2011

The launch of Ambassadors Lab means we can develop in-house

October 2011

We start working with our first client

August 2012

Coen joins as the first full-time developer

October 2012

We start exploring creative automation as well as DAM

June 2013

Client Portal becomes Cube – a new and improved platform

November 2014 — October 2021

Busy times as we work with 16 clients across agencies and brands

August 2019

An upgrade to Cube 3 brings a better user experience and more features

June 2021

Ambassadors and Cube become’s global video performance marketing partners!

October 2021

The end of one decade marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter

And now…

What's next?

A whole decade has passed since we figured there had to be a better way of archiving TV commercials. That was the spark that gave birth to Cube.

With an in-house team of talented tech-wizards, Cube has grown up to what it is today — a cloud-based production platform supporting brands and agencies with digital asset management and creative automation tools. From creation, to collaboration, management and delivery, all in one place.

So, happy birthday Cube! And thank you to all our friends, families, colleagues and clients for being part of our story. Here’s to the next ten!

Founder, Cube

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