About Us

More creative.
Less work.

How we got here

Cube’s story started back in 2011 at creative production company Ambassadors. Our founder, Diederik Veelo, was a visual effects producer for TV ads at the time and was frustrated by how slow and inefficient the process of accessing old deliverables was (understandable when everything was archived on tape).

So, like all good founding stories, he decided to do something about it. He built a system where clients could access their video archive and play back any video at any time, directly in the browser.

Agencies loved it. They started dreaming up extra features, imagining how this system could replace other tools they were using.

And so, Cube was born. Since then, Cube has grown into a robust platform that makes managing, delivering and scaling all kinds of creative work easier for agencies and brands around the world.

For the creative industry.
By the creative industry.

We started Cube to make things faster and easier. To do things that were impossible manually. To move things forward with tech, while never compromising on our core belief that innovation should be in service of creativity, not at its expense.

Our creative industry roots keep us grounded in this mission. It keeps us current on the challenges the industry’s facing. It gives us access to technical, creative and operational knowledge and experience that you wouldn’t get looking in. It keeps us connected to the people we build it for — and build it with.

Today, global brands and agencies, big and small, use Cube to save time, budget and headspace. So they can focus on what really matters: delivering the best possible creative work.

Save time, budget and creative headspace

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