Creative Automation

Reach more people in more ways, with less effort.

Sounds like magic? It basically is. But it’s also smart tech that enables content production at scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

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Cube was built by creatives (not tech giants), so we made sure our Creative Automation platform delivers creative quality at any level.

Localise to every market

Make sure your message is delivered with the right context. Adapt any element of your campaign including visuals, language, audio and more to meet the specific and changing needs of your audience.

Stay on brand

Ramp up your content production without compromising on quality or consistency. With Cube, all creative assets, static or moving, stay brand-aligned across touchpoints, markets and formats automatically.

Custom-built templates

Our Creative Automation templates are made-to-order by our in-house team of creatives and developers. We work with you to build something that delivers on your current (and future) content production needs.

We've been localising all our assets with Cube for years now. It's offering us a way to scale content across countries efficiently without sacrificing quality.
Carine van der Heijden
Head of Brand Marketing

Save time, budget and creative headspace

Cube can help make your processes faster and easier. See how with a free 14-day trial or a personalised demo.